Friday, 19 October 2007

All roads lead to Ramsgate

The Isle of Thanet Archaeological Trust are doing excellent work unearthing the Roman history of Thanet. As Ges Moody told us when he came to speak to the Ramsgate Society this week they are desperate for a museum to display all the artefacts. The Ramsgate Library is now being rebuilt but without its museum. The people of this historic port deserve a museum. Any ideas who we can approach to get help with one?


ZumiWeb said...

Plenty of currently under-used buildings that are ideal as municipal museums (musea?): Albion House, the old Customs House, the Royal Pavilion, West Cliff Hall - all you need is the money and a way to get TDC not to sell or lease them off for commercial development (too late already in some cases, obviously). But start a campaign!

Cllr David Green said...

You would be welcome to join a group I chair called the "Pavillion Project" with the aim of obtaing all or part of the Royal Victoria Pavillion for Community use.
Alternatively you could support the many residents concerning retaining all or part of Albion House for the Charter Trustees. My concept is to use the basement for storage of artifacts that could be displayed on the Ground floor in cabinets.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I hear the Pav is in a right old state of neglect, and will probably crumble into the sea once the casino shoves off to WX.